Why Kindness Can Change Beauty

Perceptions of beauty can positively or negatively impact a girl’s identity, self-worth, and well-being. Study after study proves that girls feel pressured to look beautiful in order to feel valued. So much so that “the way I look” is now the #1 indicator of a girl’s self-worth.  Yet, so many girls don’t feel beautiful. This feeling is often the result of unrealistic and harmful misrepresentations of beauty. At Kind Is Beautiful®, we believe we have a responsibility to help debunk the myths about beauty. To help girls embrace an uplifting and inspiring way of being beautiful. And to broaden the lens with which girls, and all of us, view beauty.

We wholeheartedly believe that what is needed in beauty is KINDNESS. 

Everything blooms, blossoms, or grows with kindness – a flower, a garden, a child, a family, a home, a farm, a school, a neighborhood, a nation, the world . . . and  a girl’s beauty.

Kindness teaches girls to search for their beauty beyond a mirror . . . to look for it within themselves and in how they treat others. Kindness also teaches girls how to smile at themselves when looking in the mirror . . . to search for the goodness in what they see.

Kindness measures beauty not in pounds or inches or likes. It measures beauty by how much and how often we make our lives, the lives of others, and this world a more beautiful place.

Kindness inspires girls to be patient with their mistakes, gentle with their flaws, and accepting of their imperfections so that they can remove any self-doubt or self-criticism that prevents them from clearly seeing and believing in their beauty. The same happens when they are inspired to be kind to others.

Kindness is incredibly unique as a human quality as it is a “gentle” yet powerful strength. When a girl smiles in the face of anger. When a girl gets back up after she’s fallen. When a girl forgives herself. Kindness is the source of her strength. And her beauty. 

The current pressures of beauty are often a great source of pain for many girls. When girls choose to be beautiful by being kind, they reclaim the joys of beauty by giving themselves permission to celebrate their own beauty and, just as importantly, to celebrate the beauty in others.

Kindness is seen as a powerful aspect of female beauty. Girls and women rate many inner qualities, including kindness, ahead of physical appearance in their evaluation of beauty. This does not mean that physical aspects of beauty are rejected. Rather, it demonstrates that ‘beauty’ is richer and more complex than the physical ideals that dominate popular culture.

Kindness is proof positive that there can be a realistic and inclusive standard of beauty that can result in all girls feeling beautiful, in all girls feeling inherently worthy. This proof is reaffirmed by our Founder’s personal journey with beauty. Click here to read about her journey.

Not only is kind BEAUTIFUL, but it is so POWERFUL it can change what girls (and all of us) believe is beautiful. 

The brain produces feel-good hormones when we are kind. Because of this, girls (like us all) are biologically wired, incentivized and inspired to be kind. And repeat it. In this way, a definition of beauty that is rooted in kindness truly has staying power.

Kindness has been scientifically proven to be contagious. Simple. Yes. Powerful. Absolutely. If even just a small group of girl pioneers choose kindness, the beauty of kindness can spread to other girls and then other girls and then other girls….

A girl can learn, teach, and share kindness even at a young age. In this way, girls of all ages can be completely empowered to redefine beauty for themselves. All they need is a little support and encouragement (especially from moms).

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