Inspire Her To Be Kind

For us, Kind Is Beautiful® is not just a play on words, it’s a choice that we hope girls will make. We hope to encourage girls to make this choice by offering resources like journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, artwork, bookmarks and postcards that inspire and affirm kindness as a way of seeing beauty and being beautiful.

We do it in this way so that kindness can be seamlessly integrated into a girl’s daily life. So whether she is at school, at home with family, hanging out in her room or with friends, looking for a creative outlet to express her kind of beauty, or reflecting on her day before going to bed she can always be inspired to be beautiful by being kind – to herself, others and the planet.

If your interested in learning how Kind Is Beautiful® can support you in inspiring a girl to choose to be beautiful by being kind, please check out Kind Is Beautiful’s® Resources.

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